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A Cat trying to get in the house

A Cat trying to get in the house

I took this picture, and just had to post it. I assume that every city has something unusual like this (I don’t imagine this is just a Philadelphia thing), but I keep imagining the conversation that caused this statue to be placed here.

Old retired cat lady: “Honey, I think we should get another cat. Ever since we lost misses whiskers, I have been wanting another. The other eight cats are all in mourning for her, and I think we should get another, for their sake of course…”

Tired old husband: “We agreed you wouldn’t take in anymore cats. You have eight, and that is a lot more than anyone else. If you think the other cats are in mourning, why don’t you find a way to remember her by. That way, you and the cats will all have something to look at together. You know, a picture or something…”

Old retired cat lady: “Or something, huh? Hmmm….”

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